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About Me

I've taken an active role in a few of what I consider worthy endeavors to promote genealogy on the Internet. I believe in protecting the privacy of living individuals from public consumption, but I am also an advocate of sharing collections of family information. Sharing on the Internet provides a foundation of information to help those with an interest in their roots to foster a love of genealogy. Although I try my best to be accurate in my transcriptions of family information, I do not profess to have flawless data, and each family should document the lines they claim as their own. A great volume of information can be collected by word of mouth, but this does not preclude the need to verify these events as facts. I have worked hard to document as much as I can on my own family lines, but I have also accepted much by correspondance and conversation with other researchers and family members.I accept corrections and additions and freely share with interested relatives. I do not post my sources to the Internet, as a way of encouraging people to directly write to me for a fair exchange of family info. There are those who disagree with my philosophy, and they are certainly entitled to do so. I can only speak from my own positive experiences of comparing notes and corresponding with some really special people and building a foundation of friendship and family between cousins no matter how distant.

Family History Experience

Researching Since 1972
Experience Level Advanced (several years researching and formal training)
Research Frequency Once a week

Basic Information

Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Gender Male
Age Group 50-59
Education Some College
Employment Status Full-time
Occupation Government / Military / Public Service
Lineage Western European

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