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About Me

I have a passionate interest in genealogy - especially in my own history and that of my Lincolnshire and Fenland Families. I have been researching for more than a decade and my database contains approximately 189,000 individuals shared amongst 11,500 surnames. My maternal family was all from Lincolnshire -firmly entrenched there for hundreds of years. My paternal line is more diverse - mainly from Rutland, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex. My maternal line especially has several gateway ancestors leading to the Royal families of Europe.

Family History Experience

Researching Since 1999
Experience Level Advanced (several years researching and formal training)
Research Frequency Almost every day

Basic Information

Location Wiltshire, England
Gender Female
Age Group 60+
Education Graduate Degree
Employment Status Retired
Occupation Advertising / Marketing / PR
Religion Atheist
Languages English
Lineage British Isles

Personal & Favorite Sites

Personal Website Lincolnshire and Fenland Familes