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SandyEBauer's Public Profile

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About Me

My entry into the world of genealogy started while I was still a child but only really began in earnest after the death of my parents in 1996. I began to realize that I really did not know much about the ancestors of my maiden name so thus I began my search to learn about the Whalen family and the rest of my ancestors. I believe in freely sharing information and enjoy hearing from others researching the same families.

Family History Experience

Researching Since 1996
Experience Level Intermediate (a few years researching on your own)
Research Frequency Almost every day

Basic Information

Location Arizona, United States of America
Gender Female
Languages English
Lineage Western European

Personal & Favorite Sites

Personal Website Ancestors of Sandra (Whalen) Bauer
Group Websites Cass Butler's Research
Favorite Websites Jefferson County, Illinois Genealogy, My Birthplace