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About Me

I have been working on family genealogy for both my Irish and Czech sides as well as my wife's family which spans Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Ireland, Nova Scotia, Italy and Scotland. My trees here on Rootsweb are simplified versions of my full tree with the latest generations left out.

My DNA Haplogroups: Maternal: U5b1
Paternal: R1b1b2a1a2f
Username on 23andme: JJT.NY

I am still researching my Tierney family Irish origin location(s) (possibly Roscommon, Leitrim and/or Westmeath), but my grandmother's Egan family comes from Creggan in Ferbane, Offaly (Kings) County.

The Simaneks come from Predmir and the Vanacs from Zamlyni, both in the Czech Republic.

My paper-based genealogy currently reaches back on the paternal side to Michael Tierney, born about 1859 in Ireland. On the maternal side to Bozena Klecka, born about 1877 in Zahorcice, in the current Czech Republic.

Emigration to the US: Paternal side: My great-grandparents (Michael Tierney & Anna McDonald*) came over to the US from Ireland around 1880.
My grandmother May Egan came over from Ferbane about 1909.

Maternal side: My grandparents Joseph Vanac & Marie Simanek came over to the US from Czechoslovakia in 1905 and 1921 respectively.

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Finally: I can run really, really fast.

Family History Experience

Researching Since 1990
Experience Level Advanced (several years researching and formal training)
Research Frequency Almost every day

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Location Huntington, New York, United States of America

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