Last Updated: 20 Feb 2011

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About Me

Family History Experience

Researching Since 2005
Experience Level Intermediate (a few years researching on your own)
Research Frequency Never

Basic Information

Location Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States of America
Age Group 50-59
Education School of Life
Employment Status Retired
Religion Jewish
Lineage Jewish, Northern European

Personal & Favorite Sites

Personal Website
Group Websites 1.4.16-Goldberg of Chişinău Moldova & Manhattan, 2.5.10-Silverstein of Kherson Ukraine & Manhattan, 3.6.24-Peterson of Denmark & Richwood Minnesota, 4.7.28-Sundsmo of Vikna Norway & Barron Wisconsin, 5.15.60-Sigl of Zwiesel Bavaria & Appleton Wisconsin, 6-13's sister's husbands family: Holten of Wildrose North Dakota, 7-6's sister's husbands family: Maggi of Santa Maria del Taro Italy & San Francisco, 8-1's sister's husbands family: Zeihen of Luxembourg